Subscription to Visa Travel Insurance

Subscription of a Visa Travel Insurance contract is done by payment on the site. Payment by a person who is not the insured person is possible. After payment, these documents can be downloaded and will be sent by e-mail :

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Registration Form
  • Receipt

Visa Travel Insurance covers up to 90 consecutive days maximum with Gold Plan and 120 consecutive days per trip in Platinium Plan.

What to do in the event of a medical incident?

You should call AXA Assistance call centre in the event of a medical incident on +33 1 55 92 19 05.

Medical assistance professionals will help you 24/7 to find the help most suited to your case.

Ability to cancel

In accordance with Article 13.04 of the Terms and Conditions:

The policyholder, a natural person who concludes a policy at a distance, for purposes that do not relate to his/her commercial or business activity, is hereby informed that he/she benefits from a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to cancel without having to provide any reason or pay any penalty. This period starts either on the date of signing the Subscription Form, or on the date when the policyholder receives the General Terms and Conditions and the information in accordance with Article L.120-20- 11 of the French Consumer Code, if the second date is later than the first.

The policyholder is informed that execution of the Policy cannot begin before the end of this period without his/her agreement.

A Policyholder who wishes to exercise his/her right to cancel under the aforementioned conditions may use the following model, duly filled in by him/her:

I, the undersigned, (Mr/Ms, last name, first name, address), hereby cancel my subscription number XXXXX, concerning the SCHENGEN STEP insurance policy taken up on [date] through Insurté. I certify that this insurance policy has not been used with authorities for a non-refused visa application. (Date) Signature.

Exercising this right to cancel causes the policy to be terminated as of the date of receipt of the email to

AXA Assistance reimburses the policyholder the full amount of any sums paid within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the email. As of the time of sending this email, the subscription and the covers end.

However, the entire premium remains owed to AXA Assistance if the policyholder exercises his/her right to cancel and an insured event of which he/she is unaware takes place during the cancellation period and brings the policy cover into play.

Complaints and Mediation

In the event of a complaint/mediation, please refer to the 14.07 Article in the General Terms and Conditions:

In case of disagreement concerning the award, administration or execution of the Policy, the Policyholder can contact INSURTE

who will reply as soon as possible.

In the event of an unsatisfactory response to a complaint by the Policyholder, or in the event of a complaint concerning the implementation of the Policy covers, the Policyholder can contact:

AXA Assistance
The Customer Relations Department 6, rue André Gide
92320 Chatillon France

Or via the website, from the contact section:

AXA Assistance undertakes to acknowledge receipt within ten (10) working days of receiving the claim, unless a response is provided within this period.

A reply will be sent within a maximum of two (2) months, unless the complexity of the matter requires additional time.

If the disagreement persists, the Policyholder may appeal to the Insurance Ombudsman, independent personality, by writing to the following address:

La Médiation de l’Assurance TSA 50110
75441 Paris Cedex 09, France

Or by completing the referral form directly on the website

There is no charge for this recourse. The Ombudsman's opinion is not binding and will leave the Policyholder free to refer the matter to the competent French court.

The Ombudsman will provide an opinion within the time limit set in the Charter ninety (90) days from receiving the complete file.


Communications with Visa Travel Insurance (written, oral or electronic) can be formulated in French or in English.